How to Advertise Your Business Locally

Advertising can be expensive and a solution to your budget if you’re simply starting out as a freelancer or small business. Advertising can be very competitive as many people have a busy lifestyle and are always in a rush, in which you must be able to catch their eye. But with some clever thought, there are some ways in which you can promote your business in your local area.

Marshmallow Advertising rounded up some local advertising ideas that can help your business get noticed, get customers, and get growing.

  1. Increase Your Chances with Google My Business

Your Google My Business profile is a free local advertising tool that will get you found on Google in a very few ways. But, that’s not the only way your Google My Business listing will help you win over local customers.

You can seed the Q&A section of your Google Business Profile to focus on necessary features and increase client confidence. You can also post promotions, events, photos, and products to your profile to grant customers more incentive to do business with you.

  1. Claim, Verify & Create Local Listings

Make sure your business includes a presence on the top local listings sites and include correct and updated data across all of them. This might seems to be a large feat, but it’s worth it to confirm your information is correct. 

  1. Run a Customer Loyalty Program

It is a great way to reward your current customers and incentivize them to keep coming back. Make your loyalty program work for you by determining what incentive you’ll offer customers, however usually they can earn rewards, and the way you will keep track of it all. Several businesses use a punch card or stamp system, which is a simple way to show customers what percentage visits to go until they receive their next reward.

  1. Display Advertising

It is a type of online advertising that shows ads directly on local news sites and other sites across the web and drives local customers to your business’s landing page or page on your website.

Use display advertising to promote deals or specials, offer info that may relevant to your local audience, or promote brand awareness by sharing who you’re and what you do.

  1. Use Print Advertising to Reach Local Readers

Print ads are an excellent localized promoting strategy because you know the precise area your local paper is reaching.Plus, with technology, you’ll track the effectiveness of your print advertising by using decision chase numbers or custom codes for your promotions or coupons to stay track of the customers contacting you from your print ads.

  1. Send Direct Mail

Sending printed advertisements to potential customers are often an excellent way to produce awareness for your business. Not only that however doing thus repeatedly will keep your business high of mind, increasing the possibilities that people will come to you when in need of what you provide. Even higher if you incorporate coupons or promotions into your direct mail campaigns!

  1. Try Local Google Ads

You can target your PPC(Pay per click) campaigns locally by facultative location extensions in Google Ads. You’ll be able to use local search ads to get consumers to call your business, visit your storefront,  or assist them to learn a lot about your business.

Local advertising allows you to achieve consumers when they are searching for businesses like yours directly in your area, and that’s something that can’t be discounted.