Latest Advertising Trends 2021

With the changes in business, we need to remain updated about the changes in the market. New initiatives will abound and, as advertising experts, Marshmallow Advertising top five predictions about key trends expected to dominate the ad industry include the following trends:

  1. Programmatic Advertising

The biggest advertising trend that 2021 will reveal is perhaps the explosion of programmatic ads via artificial intelligence (AI) to modify ad purchases. This will allow brands to focus on even more specific audiences.

Also, as the range of channels used for reaching customers grows, it’s turning increasingly difficult to manage. Managing programmatic platforms through AI solves this problem as they use targeting signals and real-time adaptation for individual ads or campaigns through any given channel.

  1. Display Advertising

This form of advertising allows marketers to use information collected from previously visited websites, and present them with customized ads, highlighting what really matters for them, the next time they land on your webpage. This approach is usually referred to as ‘remarketing’, and, in our view, it’ll be one in every of the main advertising trends in 2021.

  1. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is guaranteed to be one of the most trends next year. Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, people are spending even more time connected to their smartphones and mobile devices than ever, and brands know that. Therefore, we can expect businesses to be additional present in those gadgets and increase the investment in mobile advertising.

Given these figures, we will expect businesses across a range of industries to start investing more of their budget in in-app ads, thus consumers are exposed to the brands’ products and services as they often chat with their friends and family.

  1. Video Advertising

Video advertising is not new in the market, but like the internet, smartphones, and tech, in general, keep evolving, this is highly likely to stay as one of the biggest digital ad tendencies for next year.

Within this type of advertising, there are some innovative ways in which to communicate that will emerge in 2021. Going live is one amongst of them as real-time streaming of videos is becoming more popular every day, opening the door for businesses to explore advertising via this type of content.

  1. Customized Advertising

Also called personalized advertising, this refers to the potential of showing a customized ad to every audience you’re pursuing. As customers understand personalization as engaging and interesting but they actively dislike being exposed to generic adverts – this is something that we have a tendency to expect businesses to take advantage of in 2021.