A World Without Advertising

How hard can it be to imagine & describe a world without any advertisements? It seems that it’s quite tough to fully retrieve advertising from the world, even hypothetically, because besides the various negative aspects that advertising has, there are also some positive ones.

The world without any advertising merely cannot exist, although some types of advertisements are terribly annoying and plenty of people want to get rid of them, yet a majority of advertisements are helpful & prompt as they provide us with essential information which we don’t have to search out on our own.

One of several reasons why advertising was even unreal was the necessity to tell people and it has made our lives easier, in a way. We live in a world where everything is sped up and because time is precious, people have learned to appreciate simplicity. The advertising on TV or during a sort of leaflets creates opportunities for customers to check and choose the best alternative when shopping. Imagining an alternate world while not advertising is difficult because it’s an important part of each business and helps corporations to be distinguished from their competitors.

Without any advertising in the world, there? probably have to be a monopoly for every type of business which might decrease diversity and leave so many people unemployed. There would be no means of an advertising agency. Each company employs somebody accountable for their advertising, after all. With the exception of retailers and entrepreneurs who primarily use marketing & advertising to extend sales of a certain product, there are others who build a living directly from advertising, making campaigns for their clients in advertising agencies.

Some job positions like copywriters or art directors would disappear fully and numerous people would don’t have anything to do, nowhere to work & creativity would have an awfully limited space where it could be applied. In all honestly, advertising is everything. It is everywhere happening at any time. It is simply a different name for communication that has been used in many various forms for many years. Communication is that the most vehicle of advertising and people have communicated since before that they had learned to speak.

If there was no such issue as advertising, companies would hardly expand to international markets unless they spent even a lot of. Many companies that are currently global and called an advertising agency, would only operate locally. To conclude, there are so many reasons that build us perceive advertising as useful, advertising sector creates several job positions, contributes to the global economy, ensures the existence of newspapers and TVs, helps us distinguish between firms with similar products and when it’s creative and witty, it makes us love it and obtain.