Effective Media Buying Techniques For Your Business

Media buying is part art and part science. Media buying involves strategy, negotiation, & placement of ads. The very best ads leverage content and context to capture the attention of the right audience.

The Goal of Media Buying:

Remember, the goal of media buying is to put your ads ahead of your ideal audiences at the proper right time, place, & context for them to be seen and acted upon.

Digital media planning & buying is a method that helps businesses and brands connect with prospects and clients as they move through the four stages of the buyer journey. Marshmallow Advertising explains the following steps of the media buying and planning process are as follows:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience and Determine Their Interests

First, identify your audience. Then compiled a list of existing vacationers and appended third-party data to determine what attributes they had in common.

Then, identify their interests and made sure you knew which stage of the buying process they were in.

  1. Find Your Audiences When They Are Most Receptive to Your Messages

Then you found that all three of your target audiences could be intersected online with the right targeting parameters. Use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Display Network to target prospective travelers.

  1. Where Creative Comes in the Media Buying Process

It’s easy to start with creativity when you’re planning a marketing campaign. Most people do. But experienced media buyers recognize creative is most effective when it comes once researching target audiences and identifying correct intersection points.

Ads targeting families showcased youngsters playing at the beach, riding the roller coaster, and eating ice cream, whereas ads targeting empty nesters featured golf courses, bike trails, and sunset cruises. We know ads are most effective when they target the right people with images that capture their imagination and motivate them to take the desired action.

  1. Refine and Improve Your Campaign Placements

Digital campaigns are always evolving. Once you’ve bought your space and created your placements, your work is only half done. Refinement is key.

Dour team would have to continuously optimize campaign tactics based on what audiences are engaging and converting with at the highest rate. These in-progress adjustments are what create campaigns profitable & drive desirable results.