Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Plan your online business. We can develop and maintain an effective campaign strategy for any medium. Marshmallow Advertising understands that there are certain media that may not be ideal for your goals. Here are a few options your online business should consider.

Email marketing:

Your web design project should be extended. We can include a robustly integrated email marketing campaign. We would like to design and program a custom email template that will mirror your new web design.

Additionally, we can help you manage your email strategy for optimization; implement industry-leading practices such as personalization, automatically triggered sends based on the most appropriate criteria; and adhere to all best practices in regard to the most effective send times, send dates, and subject lines.

Social Media Marketing:

Communication strategies for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook may be the best solutions for any social media initiative. Part of the target demographic uses these services heavily and strategies should be explored.

These platforms can be seamlessly integrated with the website. In addition, an actual “blog-like” feature can be installed on the website to serve fresh content, which can enhance SEO and the user experience.

Search Engine Optimization:

Maintaining visibility on the search engines requires monitoring and ongoing adjustments; We offer these services with a retainer fee program, to ensure your new website is competing well on the search engines’ results pages essential for your business strategy.

Paid Search, Mobile/Location, and Display:

There are several ways to advertise on the Internet and beyond just implementing these advertising tactics; it is our philosophy that intricate tracking mechanisms be implemented to monitor performance so that ongoing strategies can be adjusted.

Your prospects and your customers are spending more time online each and every day. Your business needs to effectively communicate online to compete, so work with professionals to strategically plan your online business.