Advanced Google Search Tips for Smarter Searching

You may not bear in mind that there are hidden tricks inside Google which will provide you more correct search results in less time. Marshmallow Advertising is here to provide you with some advanced Google search tips to make your search more efficient.


  1. Specific Wording

The main benefit of using Advanced Google Search is it offers you the ability to change search results to specific keywords. It additionally allows you to look for an exact phrase or exclude certain words.

For example, if you’re looking for a digital marketing agency & want all three words to look in your results, type “digital marketing agency” in quotes.

Similarly, you’ll specify your search by excluding a word. Say you would like to find out about digital marketing however, you don’t need the results to be regarding social media marketing. Merely put a minus sign (“-”) ahead of the words you want to exclude. This would appear then like “-social -media digital marketing”.

  1. Location of the Word

Another helpful trick that may narrow down your Google results is finding keywords in specific locations. Keywords will seem in a title, URL, or body text. You’ll specify which location you need your keyword(s) to appear in. If you’d like all keywords to come back in one place (title, URL, or text), type allintitle:[word(s)], allinURL:[word(s)], or allintext:[word(s)], looking on wherever you would like the keyword(s) to be.

To get even a lot of explicit about the location of your keywords, you’ll be able to choose which words you want to come up with in the body text, title, or URL. You would write this as “inURL: digital intitle: marketing intext: agency”.

  1. Domain Extension

If you want results with solely certain domain extensions, Advanced Google Search permits you to specify which kind of website you want to see.

For example, if you only need government websites, type in your keywords & then add “site: gov” at the end. This is common once searching for credible websites for analysis. Alternative common extensions are .edu (education), .org (organization), & .net (network).

  1. Similar Words or Websites

A useful tip for advanced Google looking is to find similar or connected words and/or websites. If you would like your search to incorporate similar words to your keyword, type “[keyword(s)]” ~[keyword synonym]. To find connected websites, you must type “Related: [website]”.

  1. Price

Google can assist you to compare costs & find the best possibility when shopping by searching for a price. Type “[keyword(s)] $[number]” to seek your item at your ideal value.

  1. Fill in the Blank

If you cannot consider a word in your Google search, then you must use the asterisk (*) technique. This is particularly helpful when making an attempt to find song lyrics or book/movie titles, etc. Type “[keyword 1] * [keyword 2]”, with the * communication the part you don’t recognize.

  1. Translate

Google Translate is one of the foremost helpful tools that Google offers. You’ll either type “translate” into the search bar and then type your phrase in, or simply search “translate [word/phrase] to [language]” and your translation can seem on the page instantly.

  1. Stock Information

Google makes it simple to get the newest information regarding stocks for any company. To do so, you’ll be able to either type within the stock ticker into the search bar or type “[company name] stock” if you don’t understand it.

  1. Stopwatch/Timer

If you want to use a timer, all you’ve got to do is search the word “timer” into Google. All you’ve got to do is a place in the length of your time followed by “timer.” You’ll be able to conjointly use Google as a timer tool in the same approach.

  1. Weather

If you’re interested in the weather in a very sure location, you’ll search the location name on Google & also the word “weather.” Google Advanced Search can offer you weather alerts and forecasts for that specific place. Google may offer you the sunrise and sunset times on a selected day/location by using your IP address.

Hopefully, these ten Advanced Google Search tips can assist you to save time and provides you specific results. Google analysis can usually feel overwhelming because of what quantity info is out there, thus it’s important to understand exactly what to search so that you get the results you’re searching for.