What Type Of Text Content Post On Social Media to Make Customers Buy from You

Informational Content: Brings Benefits and Builds Trust

Informational content doesn’t sell directly however it serves to attract and “warm-up” the target audience: it creates an idea concerning the company and its services, demonstrates new or complicated products, explains the advantage of their purchase, and keeps followers upon the corporate news.

News content

These are company general news, new product presentations, press releases, strategic vision, coming events, ratings, etc.

Professional content

It includes interviews with professionals, opinions of market leaders and specialists, analytical materials, successful cases, posts explaining tough terms in a language that’s understandable for the consumers.

Image content

This category includes info about the company: history of origin, mission & goals, successes & achievements, employees qualification, showing awards, diplomas, and certificates.

Useful content

It includes product & service reviews, lists of top products, the outline of product characteristics, thematic collections, checklists, Q&A posts, and helpful tips.

Educational content

It includes step-by-step instructions, secrets, master classes, and tips & tricks on how to use products & services