Why You Should Use Multiple Social Media Platforms

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

These two factors mean that in promoting terms, it at the start impacts the first 2 parts of the client journey: the attention stage, when the potential client first discovers that your company and services exist, followed by the consideration stage, where repeated exposure to the present knowledge is required to assist persuade them to require up what’s on offer.

Furthermore, once someone does become a client, using multiple social media platforms is often an excellent way of attracting further business. It provides another source to remain in-tuned and provide an additional contact point for brand spanking new customers.

Find the simplest social media channels for your business

Depending on your target audience, you will find that some sites are not much use for your services and you will be best off putting more content on some sites than others. However, it is still true that by using different other platforms you will reach more of your target audience.

This means those production buyer personas for marketing functions will never simply describe the archetypal client as someone who uses only one specific social media platform. That alone is reason enough to aim to place content on quite one amongst them.

Tailor your content accordingly

Having established that it’s helpful & effective to possess content on totally different social media platforms, you will begin to form a comprehensive social media strategy. This will have two elements. Firstly, you’ll consider how you would possibly best reach your audience and decide to produce the content accordingly, be it blogs, adverts, videos, or images.

Secondly, you’ll know to use the foremost platform for each of these, which can, in turn, enable you to avoid targeting sites that’re of little use to you. This is important because you don’t want to waste time and energy producing incorrect quiet content for mediums that will not be used heavily by your target market.

Define your target persona

Having noted that the customer persona is unlikely to be the user of only one quiet social media, it’s still worth understanding during this context which platforms fit it best. This is one of the simplest ways to figure out which websites to use, as there are notable differences in terms of usage by different demographics.

At Marshmallow Advertising, we’ve great expertise within the area of social media. We use a good array of various strategies across several mediums and that we can help firms develop the strategies which will be best for them. This way, your firm can maximize its reach to your target market.