Facebook is one of the best social media platforms of all time. It is used to connect users with their friends, work colleagues, family, & even with unknown people. Facebook allows people to share photos, videos, music, articles, their own thoughts & opinions, and much more

Facebook has been a good marketing tool for companies & brands for years. Facebook remains one of the best social media marketing platforms out there!

The Top Tier of Social Media

Social media platforms that were introduced once Facebook has become wildly successful in users however, Facebook has been undefeated amongst all. Although there are several strong competitors such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and many more, Facebook still remains on top.

Facebook Advertising Revenue

Marketers have been taking advantage of Facebook’s large reach & popularity to advertise brands and corporations to their audience. Most of Facebook’s revenue has come from advertisements.

Businesses and Brands use Facebook A Lot

Facebook permits businesses to use its tools to plug their brand. One in all the foremost well-liked tools on the Facebook Page is wherever businesses will share info such as their address, contact details, products, and descriptions of services they offer. With this tool, brands can increase their online presence & might gain a wider audience.

Who Prefers to use Facebook ?

Facebook is used by many different age teams. Most of the people who use Facebook are young adults. Different social media platforms have gained popularity over the years however, Facebook continues to catch the eye of the audience.

Average Time Spent on Facebook

These days people pay a substantial quantity of time on social media apps like WhatsApp & Instagram, which are owned by Facebook. It’s necessary for marketers to know the number of times people pay on social media apps as a result of it will increase their probability of being exposed to advertisements. It’s additionally essential to know when it is the simplest time to post on Facebook.

Why Marketers Love Using Facebook

Facebook is a helpful way to begin social media marketing for your brand. You’ll share most sorts of content on Facebook, this helps brands reach bend on their audience or to interact with current or potential customers.

Discovering Products

Facebook doesn’t only enable users to attach with each other but also offers the ability to connect with businesses & brands. Businesses can post their products or services on Facebook Search where people can discover your brand.

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