Marshmallow Advertising

Animation Studios In Pakistan

We’re not just a marketing company, we’re part of the team.

We are a full-fledged animation, motion graphics, and visual effects studio in Pakistan. We have the capability to take your project from conceptualization to the final render. Our multi-talented team handles the entire creative process, from idea generation to video editing and post-production.

If you’re in search of a reliable animation services company, look no further, Marshmallow Advertising Agency is the right place, and we stand among the best animation companies to collaborate with. Major brands entrust us with their animation projects due to the unparalleled advantages we offer compared to other countries

Here are some common types of animation services at Marshmallow Advertising Agency:

2D Animation Services

 Traditional two-dimensional animation involves creating movement in a flat, two-dimensional space. It’s commonly used in cartoons, explainer videos, and educational content.

3D Animation Services

Three-dimensional animation adds depth and realism to objects and characters. It’s extensively used in movies, video games, architectural visualization, and product modeling.

Flash Animation Services

Flash animation refers to the use of Adobe Flash software to create interactive and animated web content. It’s often used for web banners, interactive presentations, and online games.

Animated Storyboards

 Storyboards help plan the visual flow of a project. Animated storyboards bring these plans to life with basic animations to visualize the scenes before full production.

GIF Animation

GIFs are short, looping animations often used in social media, email marketing, and websites to convey brief messages or showcase products.

Motion Graphics

 Motion graphics involve creating visually engaging animations that incorporate graphic design elements, typography, and imagery. They’re commonly used in advertising, video intros, and informational videos.

Visual Effects (VFX)

 VFX services include adding or enhancing visual elements in video footage or photos. This can range from simple green screen removal to complex CGI effects in movies.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos use a hand-drawn style to illustrate concepts or stories. They are popular for educational and explanatory purposes.

Stop Motion Animation

 Stop motion involves capturing individual frames of physical objects or characters to create the illusion of movement. It’s often used in Claymation, puppetry, and experimental animations.

Character Animation

 Character animation focuses on bringing animated characters to life, giving them distinct personalities, movements, and emotions. It’s widely used in animation films and games.

At Marshmallow Advertising Agency, we excel in engaging, educating, entertaining, and effectively conveying messages to your targeted audiences using visually appealing content.