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Welcome to Marshmallow Advertising Agency, where creativity and excellence converge in the world of advertising. As a leading advertising agency, we excel in designing innovative and influential campaigns that propel brands to unparalleled heights. Our team comprises dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience, consistently delivering outstanding results. Our unwavering commitment is to assist clients in realizing their marketing objectives. At Marshmallow, we embrace the transformative potential of creative ideas and strategic thinking to illuminate and amplify your brand’s presence. Join us on this journey of creative excellence and explore how we can redefine your brand’s impact in the world of advertising.

Organizational Structure of Marshmallow Advertising Agency


Account Management

At Marshmallow, our dedicated account managers collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs, formulate campaign strategies, and ensure the agency consistently meets client expectations.


Creative Department

Our Creative Department takes charge of developing the visual and conceptual elements of advertising campaigns. It comprises seasoned professionals, including art directors, creative directors, graphic designers, and copywriters.


Media Planning & Buying

This department specializes in selecting the most effective media channels to target the intended audience and skillfully negotiates and secures ad placements. It encompasses media planners and media buyers.


Research & Insights

Our research experts meticulously gather data and insights on consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive landscapes. Their findings play a pivotal role in shaping our campaign strategies and decisions.


Digital Marketing

Focused on online advertising, our Digital Marketing team excels in areas such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, and website development.


Public Relations (PR)

Our PR specialists adeptly manage efforts to cultivate and maintain positive relationships between clients and the public. They handle critical tasks such as press releases, media relations, and crisis management.



Marshmallow’s Production Department oversees the actual creation and execution of advertising materials, which can encompass tasks like video production, photography, printing, and related functions.


Finance & Administration

This department efficiently manages the agency’s financial aspects, including budgeting, accounting, billing, and payroll, ensuring fiscal integrity.


Human Resources

Our HR team takes charge of vital functions such as recruitment, employee relations, training, and other personnel-related matters within the agency.

Business Development

Focused on client growth, our Business Development department diligently works on acquiring new clients and expanding our agency’s client base.