Want to reach your audience through mass media? Nothing is better than a TV. But hold on, what do you want to show on TV? How do you want to present your brand? What’s the call to action? How to sell your brand through a TV commercial?

We have the answer to all of these questions. We do thorough research on your brand and the competitors and create the BIG IDEA for your communication strategy and then transmute the idea into a TVC concept. Then comes the step to transform the concept into a video.

Yes, Marshmallow Advertising Agency is the best production house in Lahore, Pakistan. From simple HD cameras to Full HD and Ultra HD, 2k to 4k and 6k, from Arrie Alexa to Black Magic, Red Epic, Red Dragon and Ursa, we have the best cameras that are in practice all over the world and we know how to create a video in low budget. We have the best infrastructure for production and post-production, in-house studios and highly skilled personnel in video editing, animation, graphics who can make it the best TVC in very low budget.       

What’s involved and the scale of the project process is as follows:

Write a Creative Brief

Write a Creative Brief

Our creative production house listens to everything the client is making an attempt to realize and so writes up a quick that must include: Objectives, Message, Target market, Brand tips, Format, Budget & Timing.

Creative Concept

Creative Conception

We will manufacture many concepts/ideas that answer the temporary in several ways in which. It’s very necessary that the temporary contains the maximum amount of detail as doable as this is often what the inventive team can use to trigger off ideas and are available up with ideas. All of the projected ideas can all aim to realize the target as started out within the temporary.



When the conception has been specified, we are going to write up the script and presumably manufacture storyboards to point out the visual intent for every frame. The script can offer context thus we all know once and wherever every frame is about. The storyboards convey the visual intention that helps to inform the narrative. Once each agency and also the client is pleased with the script, the shopper approves it.



Now that the script has been approved, the production method will begin. This involves creating selections about: • The Director • The Talent • The Music • Location • Food styling/ wardrobe



The actual shoot will last something from someday to a variety of weeks looking at what's concerned. While this is often seen because of the glamorous facet of advertising, shoots will usually be terribly slow, with tons of hanging around throughout the Director’s quest to induce the planning of the ad as visualized.

Post-production (1)


Once the footage has been shot and complied into the movie of the business, it'll be finessed into the ultimate ad. This involves: • Editing • Colour Grading • Sound engineering • Overlays


Clear Cast

The final ad is then sent to Clear Cast wherever they confirm it matches precisely the script that was approved. Clear Cast offers final approval for the ad to be broadcast.



The ad is digitally delivered to the stations for them to use in its assigned airtime.

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