Your company needs a corporate introduction/presentation. Gone are the days of PowerPoint presentation. Nothing is better than a video documentary. You are a multinational company, an exporter or a local brand. We create THE BEST video documentary for your organization. From shooting the offices/factory to recording messages and adding the flair of super imposed graphics, texts, animations, graphs, and enriching with aerial coverage, we combine all suitable ingredients in a very cost effective way to create your desired video.

The employees and equipment behind your documentary are just as necessary as its narrative, that is why we provide a full-service studio and employees to fit your wants. Our studio offers:



Our full-service production house makes a specialty in delivering impactful messages in a very variety of formats, along with documentaries. we tend to pride ourselves on our skillfulness, our dedication to quality, and our commitment to the best technical and inventive standards.



Documentary film production should balance multiple forms of video formats, digital components, animations, overlays, and informational instruction. To best accomplish this, you wish a studio equipped with a full of hardware and software system.



Our team of producers, directors, designers, editors, and animators square measure at the highest of their various fields, every with intensive expertise human action advanced ideas in novel and fascinating ways that.

Your documentary should feel authentic to form resonance together with your audience. Owing to this personal focus in documentary filmmaking, Marshmallow Advertising Agency works with every documentary producer to know who they’re and why they’re keen on their specific issue.

Our goal with each project is to mirror your vogue in each cut and clip — this each involves you within the documentary’s narrative and conjointly captures and presents your essence within the film from storyboarding to the ultimate production.

As a documentary production company, we tend to square measure associate extension of our product, and since you’re each our client and an important part of our product, we’ll take your wants and your dreams as seriously as our own.

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