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A production company, production house, production studio, or production team may be a business that has the physical basis for works within the fields of performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, websites, comics, video games, video, & music. The production house is also responsible for finding a suitable director, and coping with the troubling situation.

Marshmallow Advertising Agency is a full-scale production house providing services in the marketing & advertising industry. We introduce new trends in media productions. We are the best production house in Pakistan.

There are several services available:

Corporate Profile Videos

Online video that introduces the company’s complete, history, and services on the company’s web site.

Social Media Video Production

It’s the production of videos in numerous disciplines to be broadcast on-line via the social media platforms like Youtube or search engines for business or education functions.

Whiteboard Explainer Animation Video

It is a kind of animation video that helps to clarify any product or service on-line in a very quick and interesting manner and is usually created for selling or instructional purpose.

Video Editing Service

Video editing service is provided by the assembly house to control and create the manual arrangement of video shots to boost the audio and video effects of the video.

Video Productions

As mention earlier, video production is sometimes for business or personal functions which can be set for live production or post-production betting on the client’s demand.

Training Videos

It is typically created for the aim of product or service coaching new workers in a very company however conjointly for instructional functions that area unit transfer on-line to show users numerous information.

Product Reviews

It is commonly used on looking or E-commerce websites to permit customers to rate and treat product they need purchased which can have an effect on the acquisition call from potential customers once they browse the reviews.

Our vision is to play our best part in revolutionizing the media productions of Pakistan to the highest level for reaching the milestone of the International media market. We are introducing altogether different approaches in taking up the tasks of media productions whether in still photography or video productions. The team of professionals will be trying to accumulate the joy, excitement, and love in the frames for you one place that caters to all your needs is here.



Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work.

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