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We’re not just a marketing company, we’re part of the team.

Beaumont Films, as a dynamic extension of Marshmallow Advertising Agency, excels indelivering a wide spectrum of documentary & video production services. With the capacity to create compelling video content tailored for diverse platforms and purposes, including television, social media, corporate promotions, and commercials, we stand out as an adaptable and invaluable partner for an extensive range of clients and projects. This adaptability unquestionably empowers  our clients to  communicate their messages and captivate their target audiences through the medium of video content.

Documentary Production Services


At Beaumont Films, we create documentaries’ concepts aim to inform, educate, and engage your targeted audience about your brand. We explore various viewpoints and share factual information on a specific topic.

Content & Subject Matter

Documentaries can cover a wide range of topics and often delve into sensitive or controversial subjects. At Beaumont Films, we choose the topic aligned with the target audience.

Top Class Equipment

At Beaumont Films, we are equipped with top quality cameras, microphones, tripods, and possibly other accessories to capture high-quality footage and audio.


Before filming, at Beaumont Films, we create a shot list to plan the visual content,         including locations, interview questions, and the general direction of the story.

Production & Story Structure

A more detailed plan is developed, including core story points, characters, and the overall structure of the documentary.


We manage budgets to ensure that the documentary stays within financial limits.

Legal & Copyright Permits

We, at Beaumont Films, secure rights for any copyrighted materials, including music and footage, to avoid legal issues.


We, at Beaumont Films, schedule carefully to prevent unexpected delays and keep the production on track.


 After gathering all the necessary material, the video is edited by our experts, trimming unnecessary content and enhancing the final product with effects, graphics, music, and voice-overs.


 The completed documentary is showcased to the target audience through various distribution channels, which may depend on budget and quality.


At Beaumont Films, we focus on creating engaging and on-brand content to convey  clients’ messages effectively and creatively.