Marshmallow Advertising

The potential of video is boundless.

At Marshmallow, we take pride in offering top-tier production services in Lahore. Exceptional production hinges on a blend of creative ingenuity and adept direction, and the great news is, we excel at both. Our team of creatives diligently brainstorm creative concepts tailored to your specific creative brief. We ensure these concepts align with your expectations. Once we receive your approval, we meticulously construct a cost-effective budget and commence resource gathering. Our skilled directors and camerapersons employ cutting-edge equipment for the video shoot. Post-shooting, your advertisement undergoes thorough editing by our experienced editors, who pay meticulous attention to detail. Finally, we present the finished product to you for your approval.

An astounding 86% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and our brains process visuals a remarkable 60,000 times faster than text.


TVC/DVC Production

No matter who your audience is, it is highly likely that they watch television. This is why investing in the TVC/DVC is the safest bet and will generate most leads for your business. We have experts at our team who know how to create an engaging TVC using the most creative concepts.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short marketing videos used for creating product/service awareness. Explainer videos are a powerful tool for startups and new brands

Documentary Production

Do you want to tell your brand’s story? We can help you convey your message to your audience about your journey.


increase in unique website users.


saving on previous campaigns.


increase in website enquiries.


increase in turnover, year on year.