Some 2D Animation Tips and Tricks


For squash and stretch makers must give weight and volume to their characters as they move.

For expectancy maker should make sure among the audience knowing about a major action which is going to occur.

Maker should staging to express the precise objective of their characters through every position or action.

Maker should keep straight ahead action and pose to pose by selecting one of the techniques of designing animation in respect to draw the key poses and after that must add the transitional ones or design each single scene one after another.

To make the action more realistic makers should slow in and slow out and draw maximum frames at initial stage and at the end of the action they should draw few frames in the middle.

Makers should follow through and overlapping action to pay attention to the movements of the characters because few parts move faster than others, however as character stops moving the few parts of the body still keep moving.

To move the characters maker must add slightly circular motions by Arc.

Makers should use secondary actions which obviously add more dynamism in it in order to emphasize the main action.

Makers should also adjust the timing of the scenes to make them slow or fast.

Makers should use exaggeration in movements that helps to emphasize points and concepts.

For solid drawing makers must make sure the characters which are drawn in 2d animation space that they look like forms having some weight.

Makers should ensure to design the appealing characters to grab the attention of viewers in order to watch them.

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