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Welcome to Marshmallow, a top marketing agency in Lahore, where success knows no bounds. We are not just a marketing company; we are your strategic partner, dedicated to elevating your brand, attracting your audience, and achieving remarkable results. Our team of seasoned experts is passionate about crafting tailor-made marketing strategies that propel your business forward. Join us on a journey of growth, where your vision finds its perfect ally in our expertise. At Marshmallow, we set the standard for marketing excellence.

We follow the below marketing framework at Marshmallow:


 This is the core offering that your business provides to meet the needs and wants of your target market.


This refers to the pricing strategy and structure for your product or service. It involves decisions regarding the pricing model, discounts, payment terms, and overall cost to the customer.


Also known as “Distribution,” this  focuses on the channels and methods used to make the product or service available to the target audience. It includes decisions about retail locations, online presence, logistics, and distribution networks.


 Promotion encompasses all activities and strategies used to promote and market the product or service. This includes advertising, public relations, sales promotions, content marketing, and other promotional efforts.


 In service-oriented industries, the people element is crucial. It refers to the employees, staff, and customer service representatives who interact with customers. A well-trained and customer-focused team can significantly impact the customer experience.


 This involves the processes, systems, and workflows used to deliver the product or service to customers. Efficient and well-designed processes can enhance the overall customer experience.

Physical Evidence

 Physical evidence refers to the tangible elements that support the service or product, helping to establish trust and credibility. This can include physical facilities, packaging, branding, and any other tangible cues that influence the perception of the service or product.