As such, the benefits of researching the difficulty to refresh the content on your website can manifest in many necessary ways:

  • Improved content visibility & sequent audience engagement
  • Increased audience retention due to previous content being fresh with new information
  • Improved brand reputation & trade authority due to updates to old content
  • Marginal prices to your time & resources compared to making completely original content

How to Refresh Content & Create the Most of it

It’s worth noting that whereas refreshing existing content can improve your website’s SEO & save precious resources, it cannot outright replace the initial content. You may still have to be compelled to find time to supply original articles, multimedia, and an alternative content for SEO and marketing functions besides refreshing existing materials.

Check the Validity of your Internal & External Links

Link building is the most necessary aspect of SEO. Make certain to fix broken links, add new resources. Check the validity of every link manually, particularly when internal links are involved. External links can result in dubious destinations over time depending on the resource’s domain authority, thus be careful with how you build links.

Go Through your Site’s Multimedia Regularly

Instead of leaving things to chance, take time to review your transmission periodically, a similar as you do with writing. Add trending keywords to its alt-text and add new data to infographics or charts that you created previously. Optimizing your multimedia for an honest balance of small size & high visual quality is additionally a delicate matter when it involves appealing to mobile users.

Updating evergreen content is easier, and you’ll be able to bring it up to snuff with fresh SEO keywords and links very quickly. Contrary to it, previous posts dependent on the time after they were revealed will be very tough to retrofit months or years afterward.

Avoid Duplicating Old Posts

Never update content without highlighting that you have done this through an editor’s note or a date to create it clear to readers and search engines. Likewise, don’t copy/paste previous content into “new” articles or materials and decision it is “new”. Duplicate content will continually be penalized harshly by SEO, thus it is best to be transparent and professional regarding updating your old posts.

Be Mindful of the Original Content’s Ideas

Never update your content for the sake of raising its search ranking while not taking its sensible worth into consideration. Doing so can cause readers to bounce off of your content and consider it spam in the future even though you have refreshed it. Content, each new & old, should be written and published for human readers’ initial and search algorithms second.


Even if your traffic is satisfactory now, you’ll be able to still keep good use of old posts by sprucing up your SEO game. Go through your site’s analytics with the same SEO tools or contact Marshmallow Advertising Agency to do it for you.

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