To start with, your landing page ought to have a clear header that’s visible & legible. The header should say precisely what your unique selling point is for the product or service you’re offering, this could include something short however catchy, could be a relevant company slogan. After the header, it can be useful to incorporate a sub-header to expand on what you’re assuming to do on the landing page & more about your business.

Imagery, Video & Other Forms of Media

This is why it’s necessary that to make the right landing page, you incorporate imagery or video into the design. A video should be short, to the purpose, and engaging if used. It has to represent what the landing page is concerning and tell a story from beginning to end even if it is only 30 seconds long. Above all, the video has to add worth. Longer videos will lose the user’s attention span and will also be harmful to SEO. The imagery needs to be relevant & look fitting wherever it’s placed. Whether you choose to add an image at the side of some text or as a banner, that alternative is down to you and what appears most appealing. Images need to be clear, correct sized, and not overlarge otherwise the webpage might struggle to load them

Logo, Branding & Colors

As with each other webpage on your website, the web design should be similar in terms of logo placement and branding. Of course, on a high-changing page, you would like to own your logo be seen. This will increases brand awareness for the future. Your logo should be placed strategically, & branding should be consistent. This makes the page look additional appealing for visitors and, consequently, additional attention-grabbing.

CTAs & Conversion Points

Call to action are powerful techniques used for conversion rate optimization. They create users feel as if they should carry out a selected action. Having CTAs across the landing page and guiding the visitor wherever to go to contact or buy now will benefit your CRO. Don’t make it too much and plaster them in each sentence.


These options are a number of the most necessary things to include on a landing page if you would like to encourage visitors to take action & be drawn towards your business. Alternative features like general text should offer brief but thorough info about your brand and what you provide.

Engaging Headers

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